Scraping 101 and basic programming concepts

Credit: Screendump from by Mikko Helsig

Ever wondered how scraping works? If you are pretty much blank when it comes to programming, this guide is probably not for you. However, if you have the basic concepts in place, in a few steps the author, Mikko Helsig, shows you how to scrape a site in Python (and also how to install Python in a Windows environment).

Prerequisites are a basic understanding of programming. But then you get a concept of how Python works, how scraping works and the really cool libraries requests, requests_cache, BeautifulSoup and Gender (the latter is a library used to guessing and parsing gender of names).

Link: Scraping 101

If you are totally new to programming, we encourage you to start by learning a little Python. There are numerous places to do this. For instance:

We also deeply encourage you to start with programming in an environment such as Anaconda. A short description of the Anaconda Navigator can be found here.