Welcome to DigitalMediaLab

We are a digital and physical lab that offer faculty, students and practitioners inspiration, help and consultation on research involving digital data and digital methods.

Our mission is to provide recommendations and access to data sources, tools and methods for handling digital and digitized data, as well as develop new tools and methods for understanding and analyzing the vast, and exponentially increasing amounts of data available in our mediated society.

In addition to education and research, we offer TOOLBOX – that is, online services for harvesting and analysis of data that we are hosting ourselves (on local servers). Or scripts, that we have made ourselves and can assist you with running on your own computer. And, services for harvesting and analysis of data that we think are interesting, but really have no responsibility for. Tools you can use, tools we can teach you how to use, but not tools we provide any technical support for.

Check out our blog for more insights into what we do.