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IMPORTANT: This page is a legacy page where links to and desciption of tools are moved, when we no longer recommend them. We might start to recommend them again later though. But if a tool is on this list, we probably have a better solution in our list of recommended External resources. So it’s like the artist formerly known as Prince, that turned into a symbol and then back to Prince. It’s confusing. We know.

Instagram-Scraper (not recommended)
Not in the easiest category of tools. However, this tool, on paper, lets you harvest user(s) pics, comments etc. It can also harvest from hashtags. In any case, it saves media content and all relevant meta-data in JSON-objects. The Instagram-Scraper is a Python application, and as such requires a Python-environment to run. We recommend AnacondaNote: 16/7 2018 – We tested the scraper, and after a quick run encountered a 429-error, which is imposed when a proxy is blocked. As this is common for scrapers, we encourage that you be patient and/or use a variety of proxy-services if planning to utilize this tool. The error is part of the discussion of the tool as error #208 and no solution is mentioned.