Lab Session: Get started with your own big data analyses in UCloud

Digital Media Lab, RUC (room 42.1-01)

23 May 2024 from 12.30-13.45

There are rich computational resources available for students and staff at RUC, including UCloud, which gives access to computing power in the cloud through a graphical interface. Jakub Klust from RUC’s High Performance Computing (HPC) Centre visits the lab to give us a hands-on introduction to how to get up and running. No special experience or equipment is required, but bring your laptop. After Jakub’s intro, our own lab member Jakob Bæk Kristensen will provide a demonstration case from his own research so that everyone who is interested can test what it feels like to run a data analysis via UCloud.


  • Introduction by Jakub: 15 minutes
  • Example case by Jakob: 15 minutes
  • Hands-on workshop with Q&A: 45 minutes

All welcome –  please share – no registration needed